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Cars have been a part of my life for as long as I remember.

At 5-years-old, I remember sitting in my father's lap in his 1996 Pearl-White, SR20DET-swapped Nissan Sentra as he let me control the wheel, and I remember watching him maneuver through traffic cones at local autocross events and seeing his taillights disappear as his old Sentra hit low 13's on a quarter mile. 

My father passed in 2015 as we were driving home from Yokohama from a family night out, and for a moment I forgot all about the trips to the raceways in Guam, the numerous outings to Up-Garages throughout Japan, meet-ups in the Walmart parking lot on Aero Dr. in San Diego, and really what it felt like to enjoy racing.

Now, 3 years later, I'm paving my own way into the automotive industry and the culture surrounding it. I look to eventually use my studies in aerospace engineering at San Diego State to design and build aerodynamic structures for automotive sport, and I aim to specialize in the Japanese automotive industry.  My passion in aerodynamics is inspired by the work of people like Akira Nakai-San of Rauh-Welt Begriff and the works of the AIMGAIN Designers, and my passion in automotive photography comes from watching people like Larry Chen, Gian Fernandez, and from seeing the works of the talented photographers at Super Street Magazine, the Speedhunters, and the numerous automotive photographers I follow on Instagram.

The works and photographs produced here are free for the taking, as I am currently doing it as a hobby to show off cool cars built by great people. Scroll down to view my latest car shoots!



All automotive photographs from events are free to download, use, and distribute as you please, with unlimited usage. Simply click the download button in the bottom-right corner of your picture to download the highest-resolution version. 


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